The Unbnd Collective was founded by Karisma Price and Kwame Opoku-Duku in 2017. Among its chief goals are to provide safe spaces for black writers, and other writers of color, to create and share their work, as well as to establish relationships with fellow writers of color in and around New York City.  

Karisma is the official Poet Laureate of the Unbnd Collective. Check out more of her work here or below.

Kwame is the official Hype Man of the Unbnd Collective. He will run up on you if you talk loud during Karisma's set.



Selected Poems

Karisma Price - "Reflections after Attending a Birthday Party," wildness

Karisma Price - "Things that Fold," Four Way Review (nominated for Pushcart Prize)

Karisma Price - "C.J. Peete, Magnolia 2004," Vinyl

Karisma Price - “I’m Always So Serious,” Tinderbox Poetry (nominated for Pushcart Prize)



Karisma Price - "The Other Talk," Rookie

Karisma Price - "On Returning," Rookie


About Karisma

Karisma Price is a Cave Canem Fellow and an MFA candidate in poetry at New York University where she is a Writers in the Public Schools Fellow. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Four Way ReviewNarrative MagazineWildnessGlass: A Journal of PoetryCotton Xenomorph, and elsewhere. Originally from New Orleans, Karisma lives in New York City and reads for Winter Tangerine. Along with Kwame Opoku-Duku III, she is a founding member of the Unbnd Collective.  

In addition to poetry and creative non-fiction, Karisma has a deep interest in screenwriting, film, and photography. During her time at Columbia University, she served as the Creative Director of the Society for the Advancement of Underrepresented Filmmakers (SAUF) and was the Editor-in-Chief of Delta Kappa Alpha's (Columbia University's co-ed cinematic professional fraternity) Cinema Journal. In addition, she is a former intern at MSNBC, the New Orleans Video Access Center, and has received media honors from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and the Louisiana House of Representatives.

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